Pricing wise, Social Trader Tools is going to set most traders back around $60, to copy trades onto 5 accounts at once. Traders with smaller operations could get away with the standard $20 per month package which will cover you for 2 accounts. Traders running signal services or managing investors funds are more likely going to need the premium package, which covers 20 accounts for $220. It’s worth knowing that if you need more than 20 accounts on your trade copier, more packages are available.

They can be simply used to showcase your trading results or you can define terms by which users can follow your signals either paid or for free. You add a $50,000 instant funding account from MyForexFunds, to the copier. You add a $50,000 instant funding account from DT4X Trader, to the copier. To get in touch with the vendor or a representative of the customer support service, send an email to We couldn’t find much on client reviews on other websites, but there are no negative reviews and we think traders should be aware of this.

  • We are a new cloud-based automated trading platform that enables non-emotional algorithmic decisions.
  • The pricing is high if we view how much signal selling can earn for a trader as well as managing accounts.
  • In short, Social Trader Tools is a great platform for traders looking to utilise a trade copier and have all of their accounts in one place.
  • Users stated that their questions are always answered in a timely manner and praised the fact that direct contact is easy and encouraged on the platform.

An excellent resource for understanding the mentality and mindset behind the trades. Communicated with them several times already through email, and they answered you in short, cold sentences as if we were in a WhatsApp/iMessage conversation. Sometimes it loses connection to the server and it could be irritating when that happens, but so far it happens very rarely. Awful Awful, Lost a lot of money with these incompetent money grabbers.Go for the traditional copiers that uses VPN. To enable our products to be live tested we needed to import the expertise. If you have any experience with this platform please do drop a comment down below – I’d love to hear your experiences.

In fact, besides potentially the MT4 Copier, I think the features and stability of the trade copier makes it one of the best in the industry, without a doubt. As a vital part of our reviews, we consider what people who have made use of a product or service are saying about it. We always prefer this on third-party websites rather than on the official page of the service itself.

Grab TradingView’s top-notch publishing and social tools for your site. The integration is so smooth that your visitors won’t know that these are widgets, and not native functionality of your site. Centralize all your work, processes, tools, and files into one Work OS. Connect teams, bridge silos, and maintain one source of truth across your organization. Work OS is an open platform where anyone can create the tools they need to run every aspect of their work. By the time you with the inside information in this detailed guide you’ll know exactly why does MT4 say no connection, how to troubleshoot the issue in a hurry, and how to get yourself back up and… If you have lost your money to online scammers, there is an opportunity you could get back your money.

The Social Traders Mobile App

Sorry to hear you had trouble with our platform and customer service. Our pricing is what it is because hosting each account in the cloud is expensive. We opt for the best servers for the best performance, we don’t set the costs.

Copy Top Performing Traders from different Brokers easily and reach your investment goals! Traders join ZuluTrade, connect their account and share their trading strategy. ZuluTrade ranks Traders based on performance, stability, behavior and…

social traders tools

However, it does not work with some trade strategies due to latency slippage. The back end allows the ability to configure a minimum slippage, but we have found that under 3 pips trades are not executed. Hello, I’m using Duplikium website, the concept is the same, hosted in the cloud and the advantage is that you can use it not only for mt4, but mt5 and ctrader are supported too. And trade looks to be copied faster, they claim 3-5 ms instead of 50ms for Social Trader Tools. If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your questions and experiences below the article now.


These are all the features that I would expect from a service of this nature, so it’s good to see that they are all included. This service is really unlike anything I’ve reviewed in the past, but it does give traders the opportunity to create their own Forex Social Trading Network, like Alps Social, or Myfxbook Auto Trade. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform.

social traders tools

Upload, post and share trading-related content with other members who are there to do the same. This feature makes it incredibly easy to connect with other like-minded traders. Here at Forex Robot Nation we are dedicated to helping traders finding the Best Forex Robots, Expert Advisors, Forex Signals, Forex Brokers, Forex Social Networks, Forex Indicators and much more. Our reviews can be skeptical, but we are fully transparent in our approach. You can use our Publishing & Social Tools to achieve various goals — from adding a real-time stream of ideas to building an entire social network just like TradingView.

A Platform For Traders

This is because sometimes, what we find could have been manipulated. It is totally in character for Forex EA vendor or signal providers to start out with claims of making clients richer. This is because everyone seeking out easier ways to trade effectively does so to make more profit.

Though these are external websites, The Social Traders links to both Tradingview and Forex Factory as helpful resources that members may be interested in exploring. These sites are listed at the bottom of the Social Dashboard page. Trade Recaps are updated on a weekly basis and cover the trades highlighted in the Pro and Free Telegram channel.

Setup Needed

The site encourages and invites all questions to be submitted via email. With so much interaction between members on The Social Traders’ discussion tools, such as Slack and Telegram, this category earns a solid 5 out of 5. Both free and Pro members commented on how like-minded and helpful the rest of the community is and how much growth is encouraged among all traders. The Social Traders provides a highly supportive atmosphere for everyone on the platform. I had asked Duplikium about the latency on my trades copied and I can see that copy is made with an average of 2 ms . Otherwise you can use pending orders with predefined entry price, with Duplikium you can copy them directly on the slave account.

social traders tools

Social Trader Tools is by far the most advanced & simple-to-use software that is out today for traders. It is our organization’s primary mission to provide reviews, commentary, and analysis that are unbiased and objective. While has some data verified, it can vary from time to time. Operating as an online business, this site may be compensated through third party advertisers in the term of commission. Our receipt of such compensation shall not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation by, nor shall it bias our reviews. The copier is one of the best on the market and definitely ranks higher than most of the Top Forex Trade Copiers.

Service #5: Slack Workspace Community

Considering the platform is the backbone of the entire business, it does make sense that they charge a pretty aggressive fee. Copy traders, manage all your exchange accounts, use market-making and exchange/market arbitrage and simulate or backtest your trading. Fast automated trading, and portfolio management for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 100+ other cryptocurrencies on the world’s top crypto exchanges.

All you would need is the MetaTrader accountof the investor, and you could sign them up onto the trade copier. You wouldn’t even have to see their accounts again, once it’s setup in the cloud all of the work is being done automatically and you just keep trading as you normally did. This can be a great way for traders to earn additional profits but it’s important to look at regulations of trading investors capital – to avoid this, I’d recommend using a prop firm.

Crypto Social Trading: What Is It and How Does It Work? – MUO – MakeUseOf

Crypto Social Trading: What Is It and How Does It Work?.

Posted: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Take advantage of the Slack discussion board or the Community Telegram channel to connect with other like-minded traders. Pricing for The Social Traders is rated 4 out of 5 due to the extensive list of resources offered to members of the free tier. The Slack Workspace Community gives traders a centralized location to discuss, collaborate and share trading insights.

Worst Service

If you are looking to start a trading business or have an existing brand, you can whitelabel our platform and offer out signals to your own audience. Whitelabels can be setup with a signal leader board, creating your own mini signal site. Whitelabels are offered to those looking to start a trading business or existing brands. Clients can restrict what brokers can be used on their Whitelabel or even add a broker affiliate link. The robot is designed by a company called Titanium Financial Technology. It works using a cloud-hosted platform where clients upload their account information to be managed.

Usually, companies will have a huge amount of reviews on Trustpilotand ForexPeaceArmy, which is where we usually take a look. This isn’t a feature that any of the other leading trade copiersoffer, so I would certainly take advantage of this soon if this business model would be of interest to you. The signal pages allow a service provider to offer its own trading account to other users. They are publicly viewable with long random codes making it difficult to guess. It can be used to show trading results and terms can be defined for users to either follow signals for free or pay.

Currently, the Social Trader Tools platform advertises 12 significant features that they want the community to be aware of. There are no limits for the amount of MT4 accounts that can be managed, it’s a web-based interface, which requires no hosting and provides peace of mind. The platform can be accessed by multiple users, which means you can have the signal service or account management service being run by multiple people. You can sell signals, send email alerts, push events, share accounts and even give traders the opportunity to copy your trades directly. Social Trader Tools platform is completely cloud hosted with a web portal to login. This means that you don’t need to download multiple MT4 copies, install anything local and can monitor the accounts from anywhere with internet connection.

The Social Traders Ratings At A Glance

This feature is only available to Pro members and offers trade recaps from both 2020 and 2021. The Pro Telegram Channel is designed exclusively for Pro members and sends extended expert trades, analytics and helpful trading news straight to a member’s mobile device throughout any what is forex signals given day. The Social Traders program enables comfortable trading from home while still being fully connected to an interactive trading community. There really isn’t much in terms of reviews yet online, but there are a couple five star testimonials available on the website.

Fx Monopoly Review: Is This A Legit Or Scam Signal Vendor?

This really is a great tool for fund managers and traders looking to take on more trading accounts. Social Trader Toolsis a platform built for forex traders looking to copy trades from one account, to multiple others, automatically. If you’re a profitable forex trader, you could sell your trades to investors to make a small extra profit per trade, or on a subscription basis.

The majority of the trade copiers on our Top Forex Trade Copierslist require a ForexVPSto run properly – so it’s nice not having to worry about setting anything up. While this certainly isn’t for your average trader, this does give advanced traders the ability to start their own service and provide the community with account management, trade copying or Forex signals. Everything comes across as professional and seamless, but I do recommend that anyone interested in the platform applies for a demo so that they can see if this fits their requirements. The dashboard allows you to add pretty much unlimited MT4 accounts, regardless of which broker you’re using. Having all of your accounts/investor accounts compiled in one dashboard is so useful for money managers or traders scaling up their operations.

The packages we use offer most users what they require, however we understand moving to a larger package may result in some unused slots initially. The hosting packages are also not 1 master and many slaves, the system doesn’t care whether your accounts are masters or slaves. Unfortunately we won’t be changing our pricing model as this has worked very well for most people in the last 5 years of service. A wide range of tools and services are offered on even the program’s most basic tier to accommodate all users, including 35,000 words of educational content and over 30 thorough informational videos. Social Trader Tools is a web based platform for anyone that uses MT4/5.

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